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The company main activity Subject of the company's activity is based on third  Article of Association of production, manufacture and import of car engine and propulsion system (engine, gearbox, differential, axle, steering box, etc.) and accessories related to the import of machinery and tools and raw materials and equipment and spare parts and Selling and exporting industrial products of any kind and performing all necessary and useful operations to achieve the above goals  

:Charkheshgar calendar 

Establishment : 1968

1974 : Leyland Disel motors assembling started

1981 : LandRover Engine assembling

1986 : German ZF contract agreement for heavy & semi           

                     heavy(commercial) gearbox production

1996 : Production of gearboxes for Nissan and Patrol light vehicles

1999 : Production of mechanical steering boxes for light vehicles

2002 : : Purchase of a part of the company's shares by the German company ZF

2004 : New product licensing agreement with German company ZF and assembly of automatic gearboxes

2005 : Contract for construction of Thunder 90 gearbox and assembly of pickup gearboxes

2006 : Agreement with HEMA for the production of steering boxes for heavy vehicles

2006 : Production of tractor gearboxes

2008 : 16S-221, 16S-151 gearboxes

2009: Design and production of 5-speed Nissan diesel gearbox, Shoka

2013 : Production of Nissan 5-speed gasoline gearbox and Nissan LX

2013 : Construction inside 16-speed gearbox parts for trucks up to 15% progress and its continuation

2014 : 100% capital increase

2014 : Commencement of executive operations of Thunder 90 gearbox project

2014 : Production of Nikan gearbox for the product of Iran Khodro Tabriz Peykan Bardo  Improving the performance of Padra five-speed gearbox shifting on the car Design, installation and production of Nikan CH S4-200 gearbox on Bardo van of Iran Khodro Company of Tabriz Design and installation of PU1 gearbox, CH S5-200 on Arisan pickup truck of Iran Khodro Tabriz Company Production of N967 tractor shaft, installation of S5-42 gearbox on Iran Khodro Diesel truck and Arian minibus

2015 : Start establishing a gearbox research center

2015 : Construction of production line and start of production of Padra gearboxes

2015 : Design and construction of shifting system for Arena trucks and Arian minibuses

2015 : Design and production of PTO heavy gearboxes

2015 : Design and production of bus and truck steering column

2013,2014,2015,2016 : Provincial sample unit in four consecutive years

2016 : Country sample unit

2016: Inauguration of the production line of JHQ series gearboxes (L90)

2016 : Concluding a new contract with the German company ZF for technology transfer and production of new generation gearboxes

2017 : Provincial sample unit in the field of industrial design

2017 : Signing a memorandum of understanding with ZF-TRW company for technology transfer and production of passenger car braking system

2018 : Provincial sample car and propulsion unit