Warranty service and replacement

Warranty obligations include the replacement or repair of parts, as well as the price of replacement parts according to the announced criteria and approval of the company's technical expert.The company undertakes to supply spare parts after the end of the product warranty period And repair at the customer's request by taking the required costs.

After-sales service

To provide after-sales service for products under the ZF license, Charkhshgar Company with  In cooperation with ZF Germany,ZF Iran Company (Zarrin Fanavar Charkhshgar) has been established and in order to satisfy the customer, a coating system and after-sales  service for all manufactured products.It has expanded (branded and non-branded) throughout Iran

Heat treatment services

Carburea heat treatment Carbohydrate nitride heat treatment Heat treatment of gas nitrous Hardening heat treatment in a neutral nitrogen medium Hardening and tempering heat treatment Stress relief, annealing, normal, isothermal annealing
Temper operation, shot pin operation Kneading operation to prevent carburizing